We buy any house in the Four Shires

We buy any house in the Four Shires

We buy any house in the Four Shires – Sara Wilde Properties

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire or potentially anywhere in the UK? We buy any property in any condition for cash – contact us here at Sara Wilde Properties to see how we can help you sell and secure a good cash price for your property today.

We offer a guaranteed, cash sum for your property. What’s more, we can do this very quickly – in as little as seven days. You will deal with Sara directly who will keep you updated every step of the way and always available to answer any queries you might have. The service provided is professional, efficient and transparent. With over 20 years’ experience in property, Sara Wilde is your trusted and expert choice.

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Empty House

  • One of the ways you can sell an empty home, is to furnish it which can take time and be expensive. Perhaps the demographics of the property have changed and you are no longer able to rent it out. Whatever the issue, an empty house can be problematic and selling fast for cash can be a great solution.


  • In 2016, there were 7.7k cases of repossession in England. We can help if you have mortgage arrears or at risk of repossession due to secured loans. Don’t forget, your credit rating will be affected severely if your home is repossessed.

House Won’t Sell

  • Has your house been on the market for a long time? Perhaps your house is now located in an undesirable area such as on the High Speed 2 (HS2) Railway route or next to new proposed building developments.


  • Do you need a quick sell as you are moving overseas or have landed that perfect job which means you need to sell your house – fast. Perhaps circumstances have changed and you wish to move nearer family and quickly.

Un-mortgageable Property

  • There are many reasons why a property cannot have a mortgage secured on it. Whether your property has a short lease or damp, dry or wet rot, Japanese knotweed or structural problems or perhaps you might have a property of non-standard construction or are based in a flood risk area – whatever the reason, we will make you an offer.

Financial Difficulties

  • Millions of UK households suffer from debt and financial issues such as credit card debt. We can offer our best price guarantee releasing cash from your property. We can then pay off your creditors and place the remaining funds straight into your bank account.

Divorce / Separation

  • This can be a difficult time for all those involved. Often, the marital home will need to be sold to allow the split of all the assets and so the quicker the process the better.

Inherited Property

  • Selling an inherited property can be challenging with its complex legal process and various taxes on inherited property. It requires a lot of time consuming paperwork and can be a very expensive process. We pay all legal costs and fees for you and our solicitors take care of all the paperwork.

Be aware of the scams with cash property buyers and there are plenty of them!

If you are looking at all your options and a cash purchase transaction is of interest, you need ensure you deal with the correct people. Unfortunately, there are many organisations and companies out there who are not, who they seem. Explore these simple checks and steps you can do, to avoid being scammed or mislead.

  1. Research the Property Cash Buyer
  • Check them out on line – are they able to provide you with genuine testimonials from previous clients?
  • Do they have an office address and are you able to make an appointment to visit them at the office if required?
  • Are they a member of the Property Ombudsman (TPOS) or the National Association of Property Buyers?
  • Check their credentials, how long have they been business and do they have the experience and knowledge to complete the transaction in the stated time scale.
  • Complete due diligence checks on who runs the company – directors and owners.
  • Check The Financial Services Register from the FCA
  1. Sale and Rent Back Schemes
  • Since the 30th June 2010, all persons who wish to offer this service must be regulated by originally the Financial Services Association and now the updated Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You need to check the FSA number of any company offering this solution
  • These schemes are set up to enable home owners to sell their house to a cash buyer but then have the option to rent the property back with a long-term tenancy agreement.
  • Be aware of companies who have had permission to advise and arrange these schemes but are not regulated so they cannot purchase your home and rent it back – they can only refer you to a regulated company.
  1. Quick Sale Market

The Office of Fair Trading have investigated the ‘quick sale’ market with concerns in the following areas to consider.

Offer prices
Home sellers are not given enough information about the status of the initial offer price and that factors such as an adverse survey may cause it to be reduced later. Last minute and often significant reductions in the offer price raise concerns that providers may be exploiting sellers’ circumstances, especially when providers do not give the reasons for reductions in the offer price.

The speed of the service
On their websites and in other marketing, providers tend to stress the fastest possible times to completion (for example ‘seven days’), rather than the more typical times (three to four weeks). Few explain clearly the basis for their claims or the factors that may lengthen timescales. We are also concerned when providers require home sellers to sign long-term exclusivity agreements. We cannot see how lengthy tie-ins square with the promise of a quick house sale. Home sellers who want a speedy sale should question why quick house sale agreements should last much longer than four weeks.

The identity of the actual buyer
Not all providers are being clear with home sellers about their service: are they going to buy, find a buyer or pass on details to another provider?

How the purchase will be paid for
Not all providers are explaining clearly the buyer’s financial position: does the buyer have cash funds available now or must they borrow or raise finance first?

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